Fiber Optic Connection Service (dedicated) for more reliable connection & more convenient supporting business activities in data access and data sharing. Highest level of reliability in speed and network connection.

Specification :
  • Metro ethernet fiber optic.
  • 99,9% SLA.
  • 24/7 Technical Support Team.
  • Online Web Based MRTG (Multi Rooter Traffic Grapper).
  • Indoor Unit (IDU): Converter Fiber optic to Ethernet (for 12 months contract).
Features :
  • IP based with enhanced feature (e.g.: TCP spoofing catching pre-fetching).
  • iix (local) and ix (international).
  • Allocation IP address Public.
  • Class-C/29.

Increasingly, the needs of modern homes and many work spaces are for greater and more versatile internet coverage than just having a single PC, or group of PCs wired up to a router with Ethernet cables.

A wireless network is more cost effective and enables multiple devices to use the same internet connection remotely, as well as sharing fi les and other resources. You may want to change your connection anytime, and ZEUSS Wireless Network let you change it easily with less cost.

Our Wireless connection is our guarantee to provide the best service to each of our customers to be able to accommodate the need for service of data communication that is fast, safe, stable and economically integrated manner that make service Inet our access becomes solution for data communication.

To accommodate and reach an integrated internet services, V-SAT technology exists to reach areas those considered unreachable.

With the V-SAT technology, the obstacles for companies Outshore to be able to connect and communicate with the central office, or the client can be done with guarantees of security and stability that we have a network connection.

Service Excellences:
  • Reaching out to all region of Indonesia.
  • Have a high level of security because it is a private network.
  • Flexibility in technology because it is easily connected with other ZEUSS VSAT services as an integrated solution.
  • Flexible installation, especially for locations that are beyond the reach of cable or business centers.

The centered data collecting with high security without paying for monthly maintenance cost.

ZEUSS Cloud technology offers you flexibility with eases of accessing your data, everywhere at any time.

Cloud-based workflow for unlimited data storage needs with reliable security, space less, real time cost effective for data storing & sharing.

ZEUSS managed service allows you to monitor company systems and devices, which are guided by technicians and IT experts from ZEUSS to meet the standard device settings and your company's internet connection.

We always provide updated reports every day in maintaining the quality of your internet connection service.

Flexibility to upgrade your bandwidth. The need of bandwidth/internet access for immediate meeting arrangement or any occasional online access can be resolved by our bandwidth on demand services.

Collecting database from our internet network by inputting personal data through wifi sign-in page in order to reach relevant user with potential needs to collaborate with ZEUSS.

This is usually done by large companies to gather data personally, manually, by the visitors themselves using the Wi-Fi as facilities, which is a benefit to companies.

Start on your own website. It's vital to position yourself online with a strong, professional destination that gives customers the impression and motivation to engage more with your business.

Ease them with pre-purchasing process and at the end, they will do the purchase. ZEUSS provides Web Services start from developing, hosting domain, Total solution to start exposing your business through online service.

Our VTS (Visitor Tracking System) help manage visitor information as needed, making the visit process smooth and easy. One of its features includes tracking visitor data on and after visits, report generation.

Today's security threats to industry and commerce highlight the need for more comprehensive and integrated security solutions.

ZEUSS offers Integrated Security solutions that combine deep knowledge of each customer with innovative technologies that can elevate an organization's or security plan to a new level of costeffective, integrated efficiency.

We design, install, maintain and upgrades Integrated Security solutions with the insight and service to support a wide array of businesses today, as well as enable them to prepare for the future.

Security advances safety and security by finding smarter ways to save live, improve businesses and protect people where they live and work with our Integrated Security solutions.

VOIP offers a most economic transport signals, additional features, and trans-parency of computer data. Barriers to VoIP today are the reliability that under ordinary telephony, and about the stand-ardization that will comes to inter-operability.

VOIP Competitive advantages:
  • Utilize data networking infrastructure that already exists for sound. Useful if the company already has a network. If possible, the existing network can be built VoIP network with ease. Not required monthly fees for the addition of voice communications.
  • Use less bandwidth than a regular phone. With the advance of technology the use of bandwidth for voice is now a very small. Voice data compression techniques allow only need about 8kbps bandwidth.
  • Allows combined with local telephone networks that already exist. With the VoIP network gateway forms can be connected with the existing PABX office. Communication between the office can use a regular telephone.
  • Lower costs for long distance connections. The main emphasis of VoIP is cost. With two locations are connected to the internet then the conversation becomes very low cost.

By placing our company at the service of co-location with the best facilities and amenities security full service for server co-location we serve our customers with high quality, excellence and integrity.

In cooperation with the International-scale company that has the best quality in the field of security are like Panduit, CITEC and FENWALL a guarantee for you and your company to cooperate with us.

  • 24 Hour Help Desk and Technical Support.
  • 24 hours of air temperature chilled water system with technology.
  • Backup electrical systems with UPS Socomec Sicon.
  • The location in Cyber 1 Building. Free the public IP address of each server collocation.
  • FM200 Fire Suppression System.

VCS is a video conference that can help you connect Visually between two or more people, who are in different locations for the purposes of images, text, videos and Audio communication.

Some of the features available in our VCS include :
  • Reduce cornmercial costs.
  • Faster communication.
  • Share more convenient information.
  • Improve business efficiency and competitiveness.

  • Some of the features available in our VCS include :
  • VC 800
      - The MCU is built in 24-site and can be divided into 2 virtual meeting rooms.
      - Camera Optical 1080P/60FPS Er 12X 5-inch.
      - A VCS Phone with a resolution of 1280 x 720.
  • VC 500
      - The compact design, camera and codec are all-in-one, easy to mount on the TV.
      - 83° Wild FOV, 5x Optical PTZ, 1080P/60FPS Video Call (Pro version) optional CP960 (Pro version) or wireless microphone.
      - Supports sharing of wireless content (via WPP20).
  • VC 200
      - The compact design, camera and codec are all-in-one, easy to mount on the TV.
      - 83° Wild FOV, 5x Optical PTZ, 1080P/60FPS Video Call (Pro version) optional CP960 (Pro version) or wireless microphone.
      - Supports sharing of wireless content (via WPP20).
  • We also provide network devices that can be a security system solution for buildings and hotels with the support of CCTV monitoring cameras with Switch, Access Point, Router, and AP Controller technology with enterprise quality but at competitive costs for the industry in Indonesia.

    lt is a smart building that has an infra-structure that facilitates the exchange of information between various building automation systems and utilities connected to its occupants.

    Our Smart Building is not only Residential, but also needs that demands for the development of more modern technology and certainly more sophisticated.

    Service & Services :
  • Intercom Video
  • Access Control
  • TV Remote & AC
  • Room Automation
  • Information Board - Surveillance
  • Software Development

    Microsite Dev
    Website Dev
    Apps Dev
    Games Dev

    Our Company Profile

    "Dedicated to Provide Lightning Speed in the Virtual Realm"